Watermelon Sugar Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn Treatment

Watermelon Sugar Ingrown Hair & Razor Burn Treatment

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100% Vegan Cruelty free

For all skin types


Made from the highest quality ingredients, 

Get summer ready with an ingrown-free bikini line with our limited edition Watermelon Sugar Ingrown Hair Oil.

Made with high-quality ingredients, this oil was developed to provide the perfect after-care tool for your clients, Watermelon Sugar helps reduce hair removal irritation, ingrown hairs, and bumps. 

Watermelon Sugar is a refreshing scent that will remind you of a juicy slice on a hot day, instantly quenching your skin's thirst for a taste.


Use Daily

Add a few drops onto clean skin and massage gently until it begins to absorb. For best results, apply the oils within 2 minutes of showering or bathing.

Recommended Areas

Bikini line, underarms, legs, neck or anywhere else skin is experiencing ingrown hairs or razor bumps.