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Exfoliating dead and dry skin allows for an even spray tan application. It also removes old tan.

After you shower and before you tan, your skin should be free of any soap residues, lotions, and deodorants - as these can all interfere with the tan.

Shaving or waxing before you tan is key as both will also remove tan. Make sure to get your mani/pedi before as well.

No judgment zone: Get undressed to your comfort level. Most clients wear a dark colored thong and no top. Some nude. Some full bathing suits. There's no right way, just keep tan lines in mind.

Before: you will be given a wipe to use on your face and body. Soft side all over, exfoliating side on elbows, knees and ankles. This helps balance the skin's pH and get off any residual product or deodorant.

After: You will be hand-buffed and blown dry. Then you're good to get dressed!

Shower 6-8 hours later.