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Airbrush Makeup Application: $65

    *additional $10 for false lashes


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Beach House signature facial  50min $75
A classic European facial. Our skin care expert will custom design your treatment based on a skin analysis. A massage of the face, neck, and shoulders ensures total relaxation.   

Beach House Express facial  30min $55
A great refresher facial when you're crunched for time. This facial does not include extractions or massage.    

Time Erase facial 60min $95
This facial targets the beginning signs of aging. A thorough cleansing and double exfoliation with steam will open the pores and stimulate cell turnover. Hyaluronic acids provide a deep hydration, leaving the skin feeling plumped and refreshed. This facial is great for after a day at the beach. 

Age Defying Antioxidant Facial   60min $110
This highly potent antioxidant facial combats loss of elasticity while tightening pores and revitalizing the skin. After a deep cleansing, an active peel is applied to accelerate cell renewal and stimulate collagen. A full facial massage is performed followed by a hydrating antioxidant mask. An advanced antioxidant serum is applied followed by a moisturizer to complete this service.

Advanced Microdermabrasion Facial  75 min $125
This facial starts with a gentle cleansing followed by an active peel to loosen the top layer of dead skin. Microdermabrasion is used for a complete exfoliation. A treatment specific vitamin C mask is applied with the use of LED light therapy, the newest non-invasive rejuvenating and smoothing treatment. Color light therapy uses UV-free, specific wavelengths to boost collagen production, promote circulation, treat existing acne and kill bacteria,  as well as accelerate skin recovery. A treatment serum and moisturizer are then applied. Smooth, glowing skin is revealed!

Brightening Facial  60min $110
This facial targets hyperpigmentation, dullness, discoloration, and blotchiness. A cleansing is followed by a peel with active ingredients that fight photo-damage. A full facial massage is performed. A mask is applied to help rebuild the epidermal barrier, fight free radicals, even out skin tone/texture and retighten the skin's surface. A serum and moisturizer are applied. 

Clear Complexion Facial   50 min $95
 A deep cleansing facial ideal for problematic skin types. This facial will assist in clearing the skin of impurities, help restore balance the skin and calm inflammation. This will aid in fewer breakouts, help even out color tone and balance the skins pH levels.
*For best result we recommend these facials as a series. Our aestheticians can recommend the program best suited to your needs.  
 Urban Man's Facial  50min $75
Protect your skin from pollutants, stress, and free radicals. This facial will help slow down the effects of these environmental stressors on your skin while increasing the nutrients and oxygen contained in your skin cells.
Outdoorsman Facial  50mins $75
Designed for the outdoor enthusiast. This specialized treatment addresses the specific skin care needs of men. A relaxing, deep cleansing facial that will repair and protect the skin suffering from wind burn, sun damage, and overexposure to the elements. Using a blend of vitamins and antioxidants, we repair the skin to give you a healthy more even complexion.
*Enhancement, Beard Therapy $15 
An exfoliating treatment to loosen up ingrown hairs followed by a special blend of oils to help decrees inflammation and promote healthy hair growth.
Back facial   30 mins $45 
This treatment targets the hard to reach areas of the back. A deep cleansing is followed by an exfoliation of the back with steam. Extractions are gently performed and a mask is applied. A light massage with a nourishing moisturizer concludes this treatment. 
Teen facial    30min $45
Perfect for pre-teens and teenagers.
This facial includes a deep cleansing followed by an exfoliation with steam. A skin type specific mask is applied followed by a treatment serum and moisturizer.