What makes Osmosis products work better than others? It's DELIVERY SYSTEM.


  • Humans are 65% water.

  • The upper part of the skin normally contains between 13% and 15% water.

  • The skin cannot store water and it evaporates from the skin's surface on a continuous basis.

  • Phosphatidylcholine creates a barrier to prevent moisture loss.

There are about 100 trillion cells in the human body and all of them have a similar makeup. Each cell is protected by a phospholipid bilayer. The phospholipid bilayer is the major component that forms the cell membrane. It acts as a gate allowing only certain molecules to pass through into the cell. To obtain better product penetration, Osmosis Beauty uses a Liposomal Delivery System to transfer key ingredients through the cell membrane and thus farther into the layers of the skin.

Specifically, our ingredients are coated with a liposome called phosphatidylcholine that has been shown to increase product penetration by 600%. Phosphatidylcholine is a unique phospholipid because of its structure: choline head and essential fatty acid chains which are similar to our cell membranes. When used to coat ingredients, it naturally enhances penetration into the cell as well as protects it during delivery.

Intercellular lipids like phosphatidylcholine are essential for corneocyte cohesion, and therefore the quality of the skin barrier, which prevents the evaporation of water, resulting in smoother skin, increased moisture level, and skin regeneration. Studies also show to help improve acne due to the high levels of linoleic acid.