The Best Mineral Sunscreens of 2022

A little something for everyone! Colorescience Edition

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Nicole here, chiming in to discuss my favorite (and tbh, most important) skincare item in the Studio NDB armory: sunscreen. 

Heading into summer, it’s more important than ever that you slather on that SPF no matter what skin type you have. In this blog I’ll be discussing the best sunscreens of 2022 (specifically from Colorescience) that I’m carrying in my shop so you can stock up for the sunny months ahead. Also worth noting, all the sunscreens mentioned below are mineral and reef safe. So you can hit any beach and know you’re doing your part to keep harmful chemicals out of our reefs. And for that, we thank you!

1. Face Shield

First up on the list of Colorescience SPF products are the OGs: Face Shield in original and matte. I love the Sunforgettable Total Protection Face Shield creams for so many reasons. They’re lightweight, provide invisible coverage and have no white cast (meaning the universal shade blends well with any skin tone). They’re even oil-free, chemical-free, water/sweat resistant for 40 minutes, vegan and, best of all, dermatologist recommended. Original for all skin types, and Matte for oiler/acneic skin! A beach day must-have.

Colorescience Face Shield

2. Flex

Tinted sunscreen is the new foundation, amiright? Flex is just that. This lightweight mineral sunscreen adds tinted, light-medium color coverage that immediately evens out your skin for a sun-kissed look. Its antioxidant-rich formula is powered by patented EnviroScreen® Technology, so you’re protected against UVA/UVB, blue light, pollution and infrared radiation. This sunscreen boasts broad spectrum SPF 50 and hydrating ingredients that promote long term skin health.

Flex is suitable for all skin types and tones, coming in four unique shades: fair, medium, tan and deep. Chemical-free, hypoallergenic, vegan, water/sweat resistant and free of parabens, this Colorescience SPF is a must-have in your makeup bag this season!

Colorescience Flex SPF

3. Bronze & Glow Liquid 

The beauty of Bronze & Glow Liquid products is they can be easily incorporated into your makeup routine - so it won’t even feel like you’re wearing sunscreen! Apply it before foundation (or FLEX) as an illuminating primer, or apply after as a liquid highlight. SPF 50, water resistant, hydrating, chemical-free and non-greasy, these Colorescience essentials provide a natural luminosity in two beautiful shades (bronze and glow) suitable for all skin tones. A perfect dupe for the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter product that everyone on TikTok is obsessed with. Same idea, just the added benefit of SPF 50!

4. Bronze & Glow Powder

Much like the Bronze & Glow Liquids, the Bronze & Glow Powders are perfect additions to your daily makeup routine. This Colorescience product is easy to apply and uses antimicrobial bristles that help maintain the brush applicator’s freshness. Like their liquid counterparts, the Powders come in two shades (bronze and glow), are chemical-free, hydrating, SPF 50, water resistant, and suitable for all skin types. Great replacement for powder highlight and bronzer with SPF coverage! 

5. Total eye corrective

Get rid of dark circles while you protect your skin from sun damage? Yes please.

The Colorescience Total Eye Corrective visibly improves the look of dark circles/puffiness/fine lines/wrinkles while simultaneously protecting the delicate eye region from the sun with SPF 35. Vegan, paraben-free, fragrance-free, and available in 4 shades, Total Eye Corrective should be applied in the morning before makeup and may be reapplied throughout the day for added protection or as a makeup touch up. This product could replace your concealer or can be worn under concealer for added coverage! It also comes in 4 shades to accommodate a wide range of skin tones. 

Colorescience Total Eye Corrective

6. Brush on SPF 50

Fun fact: the Brush on SPF 50 from Colorescience was an Allure Best of Beauty award winner in 2021 for “Best Facial Sunscreen.” And well-deserved. This product is also powered by EnviroScreen® Technology. It provides complete protection in a convenient, on-the-go applicator with antimicrobial bristles that help maintain the brush applicator’s freshness. 100% chemical-free, hydrating, SPF 50, water resistant and dermatologist recommended, the Brush on SPF comes in five beautiful shades perfect for any and all skin tones. This product is available in: light, medium, tan, dark and a sheer matte for our oiler skinned girls. 

7. Blush Balms 

These Blush Balms are literally, the bomb. Like most Colorescience products, Blush Balms harness EnviroScreen® Technology for unmatched protection. Available in 6 shades, these antioxidant-rich, mineral balms give your lips, eyes and cheeks customizable color, hydration and SPF 50 protection. Who could ask for more? 

 Colorescience Blush Balms

8. Kid friendly: Sport Stick 

The Sport Stick is perfect for the fam with young kids. Designed with EnviroScreen® Technology, this sport stick gives a hydrating, mineral protection from UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light and infrared radiation. It’s not only SPF 50 and water resistant, but it’s also easy to apply (glides right on) and conditions the skin. Easiest way to get SPF on your kids, IMO. A quick swipe on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and you’re ready to go! 

P.S. The sport stick doubles as a great way to hydrate and protect your lips from the sun. No crusty, dry, sunburnt lips for us this summer! 

Colorescience Sport Stick

9. Body Shield - Original and Bronze

Need the full-body treatment? Colorescience has you covered (literally) with Body Shield. This sunscreen uses EnviroScreen® Technology for invisible and bronzed, 100% mineral protection from UVA/UVB, pollution, blue light and infrared radiation. I love this product for more reasons than one: it’s hydrating, it’s lightweight, it’s SPF 50, it’s water resistant and it’s dermatologist recommended. It comes in two shades: original which is perfect for a long beach day, and bronze for deeper skin tones or when you just need a little glow after a long winter.

The Effects of Sun Damage 

I like to remind my clients that sun damage can undo all of the expensive and time consuming care they put into their skin. Unprotected exposure to the sun can lead to premature aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and even skin cancer. So, do the easy thing. Slather on that SPF! 

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